Of all the Valentines day suggestions out there, I suspect not many of you are buying your partner and yourself a sexual health test.

Here’s why this often embarrassing topic actually is ideally bought up today…

  1. A sexual health test should be what happens BEFORE you decide to stop using condoms and start using other methods of contraception or you decide to try to have a baby.
  2. The message it sends is: I love you, and I do not want to be with anyone else.  I understand we have both had a past, so lets make sure that we don’t let that affect our relationship.
  3. Plan to be understanding and supportive or get treated if your partner of you tests positive.  Don’t go blaming their ex – it could have been you!  Being supportive will help you to bond as a couple.
  4. Not having to rely on condoms will bring more spontaneity to your sex life.
  5. More cuddling after sex.

If you want your results quickly and do not want the embarrassment of going to a GUM clinic, then Better2Know can help: discreet clinics which are not branded as sexual health, and results are back within 1 to 5 days depending on the test and location.

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