When both partners are HIV positive, it’s easy to think that there is no longer a need for condom use. However, not only are condoms still important for preventing other STIs spreading, evidence has shown that there are several different strains of HIV. Both partners may not be diagnosed with the same strain, therefore protection remains as important as ever to prevent cross-infection.

If a new or mutated HIV type is introduced to a person who is HIV positive and receiving treatment, the treatment will be far more complex and potentially ineffective. The medicines for one strain may keep the viral load undetectable; however the new strain could be resistant to the medication and render the treatment useless.

Practicing safer sex by using condoms can prevent such cross-infection, and whether you have an STI or not, regular sexual health testing is still important. Better2Know provide tests for a range of STIs, and advises you as to which is most suited to your needs.

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