The answer to this question is: with Better2Know it is up to you.  We have a variety of different places where you can have your STI test.  So if you want to ask the doctor a lot of questions, or whether you would really prefer to go somewhere to have your samples taken and then leave as quickly as possible, we have the location for you. With our Everywhere service, you can also get tested at home or work.

Wherever you choose to get tested we will take the samples for the tests you choose.  You can also speak to a doctor either in person at your appointment or later in person or on the phone when you get your results.  The service is flexible to fit around your life.

You can choose whether to get your results by phone, text message or by email.  We can also do nothing, and wait for you to contact us if you really do not want to hear from us.

Whatever you want, we will tailor your STI test to be the service you want.

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