Before considering having a baby it is really important to be certain that you are not carrying any sexually transmitted infections. These infections can be passed on to your baby before they are born and they can also make it more difficult for you to get pregnant. If you are considering donating sperm then you should also get tested to be certain you are not passing any infection onto the mother.

Better2Know suggests that both men and women should have a full screen and should also be tested for HPV and Herpes before planning any pregnancy. These tests will pick up the most common STIs and after appropriate treatment you can start trying to have a baby.

Testing for HIV is particularly important. Left untreated, an HIV infection can lead to serious complications and even death. It is also important to test for HIV before pregnancy as with the right treatment, the chances of passing on the infection to your baby can be minimised.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and it is your responsibility to choose the tests that are right for you depending on your sexual activity and what you know about your partner. If you are unsure then Better2Know recommends a Full STD screen or the Platinum Screen. Once is enough to catch an STD, STI or HIV.

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