Sexual Intercourse with a sex worker is one of the most high risk sexual activities there are, because of the large number of partners that each sex worker has, and many clients use more than one sex worker, so it is easy to see how infection can spread and very quickly.  Don’t worry – you are not alone – if no one had sex with a prostitute or sex worker then the service simply wouldn’t exist.

Many sex workers can also be injecting drug users which can increase their chances of being infected with an STD, STI or HIV which is passed on by sharing blood – if they have been sharing needles.

If you have had sex with multiple sex workers, or you have seen track marks (for example left by needles when injecting drugs), you did not use a condom, you had an open cut in your genitals and/ or there were blisters or sores on your partner, then you should consider the Better2Know platinum screen or the Better2Know full screen.  If your incident was less than 28 days ago you can have the Early Platinum or Early Detection Screen plus Peace of Mind which tests for HIV at just 10 days after any incident.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and it is your responsibility to choose the tests that are right for you depending on your sexual activity and what you know about your partner.  If you are unsure then Better2Know recommends a Full STD screen.  Once is enough to catch an STD, STI or HIV.

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