New research has suggested that the high levels of estradiol (a compound found in estrogen) that occur prior to ovulation results in decreased immune system effectiveness, meaning greater vulnerability to infection.

The “dip” in women’s immunity at this point in their ovulation cycle is believed to allow spermatozoa a better chance to reach and fertilise an egg without threat of an immune response. One researcher on the project, Miguel Relloso, said: “This could be an explanation why during ovulation females have more risk of being infected with sexual transmitted diseases like HIV or HPV.”

“The next time you hear a woman say that she’s sick of men,” Deputy Editor of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology John Wherry said, “you can add this to her list as another reason. This adaption which allows male sperm to survive long enough to fertilize an egg, may also open the door for other types of infection.”

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