A recent survey by the charity ovarian cancer action has found that young women prefer to search google than to go to their doctor for a sexual health issue.

Women aged 18 to 24 are four times less likely to go to their doctor than those aged 55 to 64.  The main reasons given were:

  • Not wanting to say the word “vagina” (2 in 3 people questioned)
  • Not wanting to be intimately examined (nearly half of those questioned)
  • Too embarrassed to talk about it (just under half)
  • Not knowing the words to use (over 1 in 4)

Apart from “vagina”, other words which people did not want to say were: “orgasm”, “labia” and “discharge”.

Most women report turning to Dr Google or asking their mum.  Most older women say they go straight to their doctor.

Better2Know can help whatever your age. We can help you to get the right tests you need for your sexual health, vagina health and discharge concerns.

If you are worried about discharge, a strange smell, itch or pain on urination, then we suggest you consider choosing our comfort screen.  This tests for seven STIs some of which can occur naturally in a women but can be passed on through intercourse.  To book your appointment please visit our main site.

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