The 90-Day HIV test is a third generation HIV testing option that will detect HIV antibodies after 90 days of incubation. This is the time between potential exposure to HIV and your HIV test. Available to those who would prefer not to attend a private STI clinic appointment, get in touch with Better2Know’s highly trained sexual health advisors today for more information about getting this test.

Better2Know’s private STI testing services in the UK provide confidential HIV tests at various stages of incubation. Available at private sexual health clinics across the UK, our HIV tests also provide fast, accurate HIV testing from 10 days, 26 days and 28 days of incubation. Better2Know’s wide range of HIV testing options are designed, and regularly reviewed, by our team of medical experts to suit your HIV testing needs.

Should I get tested for HIV?

HIV transmission can occur during unprotected sex such as anal, oral or vaginal intercourse. Oral sex is a low-risk activity but there may be an increased risk if infected fluids come into contact with any cuts or sores in the mouth or on the genitals, enabling the virus to enter your system. These openings may not always be visible to the naked eye. If you are worried about a certain sexual encounter, you should get tested as soon as possible.

HIV symptoms are often flu-like in nature during the preliminary stages of infection (two to six weeks after exposure), lasting for up to four weeks. After this, you may go through an asymptomatic stage (lasting 8 to 10 years), where you may not experience signs of an infection. However, if your HIV infection remains untreated, further health complications could arise. Eventually, an AIDS defining illness can occur, diagnosing you with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). This is why regularly testing for HIV is important as early diagnosis and treatment could prevent your health from deteriorating to this stage.

Better2Know’s HIV Testing Options

Our private STI clinics throughout the UK provide a variety of confidential HIV testing options. If you are unsure which private HIV test to select, or when you can receive HIV testing, Better2Know’s highly trained sexual health advisors will help you. They will advise on an appropriate HIV testing option for your personal circumstances.

10-Day HIV RNA PCR Test

You can receive confidential HIV testing as early as 10 days after suspected exposure to infection. Available individually, this private HIV testing option will detect the viral RNA of HIV I in your blood stream. Results will be reported just one working day after Better2Know’s CPA accredited laboratory has received your blood sample.

Instant HIV Testing

Better2Know’s instant HIV test is available at selected private STI clinics in the UK. Testing for the p24 antigen and HIV I/II antibodies, you will receive rapid results within 20 minutes of providing your blood sample. The p24 antigen is a protein associated with HIV, which eventually triggers the production of antibodies (seroconversion). HIV I/II antibodies are your body’s response to the foreign pathogen. This private HIV testing option is available after a 26-day period of incubation. You will be given a signed and completed copy of the Better2Know Rapid Test Results Report, which will detail your confidential results.

28-Day HIV Duo Test

Better2Know’s popular HIV Duo test is available following 28 days of incubation. This private HIV test will also detect the p24 antigen and HIV I/II antibodies in your blood sample but the test will be conducted in our CPA certified laboratory. Better2Know’s HIV Duo test is 99.8% accurate at 28 days, increasing to a 99.9% accuracy after a 90-day incubation period following any potential exposure to the virus.

5th Generation HIV Test

Better2Know’s 5th Generation HIV test is the first available private testing option to report whether HIV I antibodies, HIV II antibodies, or the p24 antigen has triggered your reactive HIV result, providing even more information about your HIV infection. This confidential HIV test is available after a 28-day period of incubation.

HIV Treatment: what if I test positive for HIV?

Reactive blood tests will undergo confirmatory testing at no additional cost. If you are positive for HIV, Better2Know can help you arrange to see one of our skilled doctors throughout the UK. Your private doctor will discuss your HIV diagnosis in more detail and provide guidance on HIV treatment moving forward. Better2Know’s expert Patient Services team can also refer you to an HIV specialist who can provide additional support and advice.

You may be asked to provide further blood samples to monitor the effects of the virus before beginning treatment. HIV is treated with antiretroviral medications that help stop viral replication, allowing your immune system to heal and preventing further damage.

Better2Know’s private counselling specialists are also available for those who may be struggling to accept their HIV status. Your Better2Know counsellor will discuss how your HIV results are affecting your mental wellbeing, as well as advise on how to reduce the psychological strain your results or HIV testing could be causing.

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