Better2Know tests for both Herpes type I (Oral) (Herpes Simplex Virus I – HSV I) and Herpes type II (Genital) (Herpes Simplex Virus II – HSV II) in three different ways.  Although the different types of herpes are usually associated with the mouth or genitals, if you have unprotected oral sex with someone who has an outbreak of herpes, you can see why it is possible to get oral herpes in your genitals and genital herpes around your mouth.

Your Better2Know doctor will help you to decide which one of the following is the best test for herpes for you:

  • Blood test – this tests for a past infection to see if you have had Herpes in the past
  • Urine test – this tests for a current infection to see whether the symptoms you currently have are due to the Herpes virus
  • Swab test – this takes a swab of an area to see if the symptoms in this area are caused by the Herpes virus

The Herpes urine test is also available to order from our home sample collection service.

The results for a Herpes test take just five days from when a sample is received in the laboratory.

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