A new study (in primary care) has shown that more patients with symptoms similar to glandular fever should be offered HIV tests to increase the detection of HIV, and so that positive people can start getting treatment.

The study looked at patients in Lambeth in Southwark, South London, who were HIV negative with glandular fever-like symptoms.  Patients between April 2009 and June 2010 were also tested for HIV.

Commenting on the study, Dr Richard Ma, a GP with an interest in sexual health, North London, UK, writes: ‘The authors advocate inclusion of HIV testing as part of glandular fever screening tests. They suggest adopting an opt-out strategy as in antenatal screening. This is an interesting proposition, particularly in areas of high HIV prevalence such as London and other urban areas where diagnosed prevalence is > 2 per 1,000. It would be an extra box to tick but it may save the lives of many.

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