The current NHS policy on HPV vaccinations is to only provide vaccinations for girls, usually given at the age of 14 to 15 at school.  Better2Know supports vaccinations for everyone to prevent HPV spreading.  Although it is responsible for the majority of cases of cervical cancer, there are other cancers which HPV can cause in both men and women, plus if men are vaccinated then they cannot transmit the virus on to new partners.

In a recent poll, three times as many people supported giving boys the HPV vaccination as opposed the option.  The same survey also found out that there is a lot of misconception about the virus, with 21% of people thinking it was transmitted the same was a cold.

Professor Margaret Stanley OBE from the Department of Pathology University of Cambridge, claims the number of HPV-related cancers in men are growing at an alarming rate.  She said “the burden of HPV associated cancers is now almost the same in men as in women. Men face a significant and rising risk of HPV-associated disease,  and without vaccination men remain at risk”.

Better2Know offers the Gardasil vaccine at many of its clinics across the UK.


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