There have been new calls this week for the HPV Vaccine to be extended to everyone.  Currently the vaccine (in the UK) is only offered to girls at school.  So far only Australia is offering the vaccine to boys and girls.

HPV is a virus that is known to cause the majority of cervical cancers in the UK, but they also cause cancers of the throat (through oral sex), mouth, anus and penis.

Because the NHS does not offer the vaccine to boys, there is no protection for the gay population, and girls who have missed the vaccination are at risk as are their sexual partners, where as there would be greater protection across the whole population there would be less opportunity for the virus to transmit from one person to another.

Better2Know offers the HPV vaccine across the UK to anyone who wants it.  You need three vaccines over six months to be protected.  Better2Know uses a vaccine called gardasil which also protects against genital warts.

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