Unfortunately Chlamydia isn’t as easy to diagnose as this.  As many as 75 % of women and 50% of men have no symptoms if they have Chlamydia.  That’s not just no itching, but no burning, not redness, no smells, no discharge.

If the Chlamydia test was as easy to diagnose as whether you itched, then I am sure we would all be less worried about it.  The fact is that Chlamydia is rising, and this is worrying as because it can quickly cause infertility if not treated in both men and women.  For an STI that is easily treated with antibiotics this is worrying, as a large proportion of the population becoming infertile could significantly affect a country and the whole world with the issues facing an aging population becoming more apparent a lot faster – which is why governments are spending so much money encouraging people to get tested – everyone wants you to have the choice of fertility in the future.

So the only way to know whether you have Chlamydia is to get tested. All we need is a urine sample, and you can get tested at any of our private STD test clinics across the UK or with a sample provided at home.  Results are available just two days after your sample is received in the lab.

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