Well the answer is no, and first of all it depends where you are itchy. But let’s say, as after all this is a sexual health blog, that it’s “down there”. So, there are lots of reasons why you might be itching, some of them can be caused by an imbalance of bacteria in your vagina or urethra (this is men too!) and this could be an overgrowth of your own naturally occurring bacteria, or an infection picked up from a partner who has an overgrowth, so you and your partner can both have an infection that has been passed on sexually without being unfaithful.  It’s really important to understand this in the context of itching in an exclusive relationship.

So there are some bugs that we can test you for that are the most common cause of itching, if you are itchy and have one or more of the following symptoms (even on a temporary basis), you should consider our Comfort Screen:

  • unusual smell
  • burning when urinating
  • pain
  • swelling/ redness

Our Comfort Screen is available in all our clinics across the UK, as well as available as a home sample collection, and will test you for the most common causes of itching. If you are female you can also consider our female swab which takes a look at the bacteria in your vagina to see what’s growing that shouldn’t be.

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