If you are worried that you might have HIV, the only way you can know is to have an HIV test.  Testing has moved on and it is now possible to have a test just ten says after any incident you are concerned about.

Early diagnosis is important as it helps you get access to the treatment that you need at the right time.  Most people with HIV no longer go own to develop full blown AIDS, and this is mainly due to early diagnosis.  The reverse is also true, that those who find out they are HIV positive some time (months and years) later have more complicated treatment options, and the leading cause of HIV related deaths is late diagnosis.  Of course, later diagnosis also means that you may have infected other people with HIV, and that’s a conversation none of us want to have with a former partner.

There is increasing research evidence to suggest that an HIV positive person on the right drug combination can reduce their viral load to a level where transmitting their partner becomes nearly impossible.  This doesn’t mean you should take any risks, but is important for anyone trying to have a baby or is concerned about onward infection.

Gay men are particularly at risk of  HIV and are advised to have a test at least once a year, more if you have a high number of different partners.

Better2Know can test for HIV at all of its nationwide STD testing clinics.  HIV is available on its own or as part of our platinum and full screens.  It is also available as part of our Early Detection Screen just ten days after potential infection.

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