Instant HIV Test results are now available in Aberdeen with Better2Know.  We use a fourth generation HIV test – which means it is really accurate just 26 days after any incident that you are concerned about.  It tests for both the p24 antigen and HIV 1 and HIV 2 antibodies.  If you are in Aberdeen and worried about your HIV status, then Better2Know can help you.

Better2Know are experts in sexual health.  There are many different instant HIV tests on the market.  Some use blood samples, some use saliva.  They all have different makers, quality marks and performance levels.  Our team of medical experts have examined them all.  This instant HIV test at our Aberdeen sexual health clinic is the best one that we can find.  It is said to be 99.6% accurate at 28 days.  If your instant test does come back reactive, then we will do a laboratory test at no further charge to you.

If you are worried about HIV it can be important for your peace of mind to get your results quickly.  Waiting 20 minutes may seem a long time when the test is running, but our clinicians can help to keep you company and explain what is happening.

If it has not yet been 26 days since the incident that concerns you, then please choose our Early Detection Screen for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.   This gives our most accurate results just ten days after any incident.

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