Apart from the obvious fun advantages of a sex toy, you may also think that at least it is the one “partner” that won’t cheat on you, won’t snore and never even touches the loo seat…. and they won’t give you an STD.  Right?  Well probably, but not always.  As long as your toy remains faithful to you and you clean it thoroughly after any infection then you should be safe.

However sharing a sex toy with your partner (or a friend) means that yes it can transfer an STI if not cleaned properly.  Experts recommend using a condom on it (which also helps with lube) as some of the toys are made of materials where bacteria and viruses can live.

They normally come with special cleaning fluid/ wipes and these are essential to use to prevent infection with a shared toy.  Toys made out of glass are more easily sterilised than those made out of plastic or rubber.

Toys which can draw blood (whips, needles, restraints) can pass many infections including STIs and so their use is to be regarded as high risk if you do not know who else has used them.

If you think your vibrator may have given you an STI, Better2Know can help get you a private STD test at any of our national clinics.

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