A new test is being developed that will identify markers of both HIV and prostate cancer.

The test is cheaper than existing methods which may make it suitable for developing countries.  It is also easy to read as the sample changes colour for both positive and negative samples (blue for positive, red for negative).

This HIV test was developed by Imperial College, London which analyses blood serum, and has high levels of accuracy, although not the same as the current gold standards used by many providers in the UK including Better2Know.  Its initial use is thought to be in countries where testing does not happen as often as is clinically desirable.  This test is one-tenth of the cost, does not require expensive equipment to run and easy to read.  Early indications are that the test will pick up new indicators of HIV and prostate cancer earlier than existing tests.

If you are worried about HIV, then Better2Know can help.  Our HIV Duo test is suitable from just 28 days after any incident you are worried about and is a fourth generation test looking for the p24 antigen and HIV antibodies I and II, results are available the same day the sample is received in the laboratory.  We also have a 10 day post exposure test for anyone who wants to know their status before 28 days, this looks for the RNA of the virus and the results take 3 days.

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