The Better2Know Everywhere service is the first service in the UK where we Come2You for your STI test.  This means that you do not have to spend time and money travelling to an appointment, your nurse will Come2You Everywhere.  This includes your work, home or hotel, in fact everywhere where we can take a blood sample and/or you can provide a urine sample.

Launched in 2014, our Everywhere service has already helped people all across the UK (including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and in Dublin to get tested quickly and discreetly.  At your appointment, your nurse will attend at the agreed time (and we can phone you when we are half an hour away), take your samples, and send them to our laboratory for fast analysis.  We will then contact you with your results, or you can log in to get them if you would prefer.

If you test positive, we can help you to speak to a doctor and get the medication or referral you need to help you.

To book your appointment, please have the post code of where you want to be seen ready, and call our friendly booking team now.



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