Recently, there have been many news reports in the UK suggesting that Gonorrhoea infection may be becoming resistant to medication. Gonorrhoea is an infection affecting men and women and can have serious consequences if untreated, causing pain, infertility and other symptoms. It can also be transferred from mother to baby, so it is very important to be aware of the infection and how to reduce your risks of catching or spreading it.

What has the news said about Gonorrhoea?

  • Antibiotic resistant gonorrhea is caused by a bacteria, Neisseria gonorrhoeae
  • In the UK, the outbreak of the new ‘super-gonorrhoea’ is believed to be centred on Leeds, West Yorkshire, with reported cases also in other northern towns, e.g. Macclesfield, Oldham and Scunthorpe, during 2015.
  • Multi drug-resistant gonorrhoea has been reported in 36 different countries (WHO)
  • There are two treatments available, an oral treatment and an injection. It is believed that if only one of the two drugs is used, it is easier for the bacterium to develop resistance.
  • Public Health England reported that cases of gonorrhoea have rose by 19 per cent in 2014 amongst heterosexuals and by 32 per cent in gay men.
  • Following treatment, re-testing is recommended after two weeks to ensure that the infection has cleared.

Details of symptoms and more information about the infection can be found here.

How can you be protected from Gonorrhoea?

  • To reduce your risk, always wear a suitable condom for any type of sex.
  • Sexual health testing is very important to make sure you don’t already have it (you may not always have symptoms).
  • Any time you have a new partner, make sure you look after one another by both getting tested.
  • If you have treatment, make sure you re-test two weeks later.

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