With more and more reported cases of drug-resistant Gonorrhoea, scientists are growing evermore concerned that the infection is becoming impervious to all standards of treatment.

Coinciding with a gradual decline in condom use, oral sex transmission has been singled out as the driving force behind the recent outbreak of ‘super Gonorrhoea’. Owing to low levels of bacteria and a generally poor response to medication, oral STIs are notoriously difficult to treat. The type of bacteria specific to cases of oral Gonorrhoea gains its resistance to antibiotics directly from the billions of other bacteria housed in the throat. Following an initial throat infection, Gonorrhoea can spread to the genitals, potentially resulting in infertility and/or other long-term health problems. As the condition is often symptomless, infection can spread without the person’s knowledge – hence the significance of regular testing.

Dr Emilie Alirol, an expert on STIs, told the New York Times that such throat infections acted as a ‘silent reservoir’ for Gonorrhoea. Dr Alirol, who heads up the sexually transmitted infections programme at the Global Antibiotics Research & Development Partnership in Geneva, said: “Transmission is very efficient from someone who has Gonorrhoea in their throat to their partner, via oral sex.”

Only last month, Better2Know brought you news of several cases of incurable Gonorrhoea, with the World Health Organization also reporting that over 50 countries have now experienced an increase in drug-resistant forms of the infection.

Gonorrhoea is highly contagious and, if left untreated, it increases a person’s risk of contracting HIV. It is spread by unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sexual intercourse with an infected person, and can also lead to ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility. Annually, the infection affects approximately 78 million people worldwide, with an alarming 30% now showing resistance to antibiotics.

Better2Know has a wide range of specially designed testing options, to give you complete peace of mind regarding Gonorrhoea, along with a host of other STIs. Using either a urine sample, or a swab of the throat, vagina or rectum, we can test you for Gonorrhoea individually or as part of a combination of tests, known as a screen. Our Gonorrhoea tests can be performed at home, as well as at clinics and nurse stations across the country, with results available within one to five working days following the sample’s arrival at the laboratory – depending on the test or screen you select.

For patients requiring their results even sooner, Better2Know’s Instant Gonorrhoea tests give you results within 30 minutes of providing your sample. If your test is reactive, we can arrange a telephone or face-to-face doctor’s consultation to discuss the best course of action moving forward. We will also provide a prescription for the treatment you require at no additional cost.

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