The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has called for everyone in the UK to be tested for HIV. The HPA’s Annual Report states that the number of people who are living with HIV in the UK is now just under 100,000, but more than 21,000 (I in 4) of these do not know that they have the virus.  Increasing the number of people who are tested would help early diagnosis, which has two benefits:

  • early treatment and medical intervention is key to preventing the disease from progressing
  • prevents new infections

Currently, 1 in 5 people attending a GUM clinic refuse an HIV test and are only tested for Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis.  This is because they are scared to know their status, or do not think it can happen to them. If you think you may be at risk of catching one STD, you cannot tell which one it might be, which is why Better2Know offers a comprehensive screening choice and range of tests.

The HPA also reported that the standard of care in the UK for people with HIV is excellent with excellent access to treatment and lower than expected CD4 counts (a measure of the progress of the infection).

Better2Know offers HIV testing at 10 days after potential exposure (such as unprotected sex) using an advanced technique looking for the actual HIV virus, and then the 28 days after potential exposure test called the H- Duo which looks for both the antibodies and the antigen (the body’s reaction to being infected with the virus).  The Terrence Higgins Trust recommends testing:

  • immediately you are worried – to get initial peace of mind, but also help with contact tracing should you later be HIV+
  • at 28 days with the H-DUO test
  • at 3 months
  • at 6 months

Better2Know only uses blood tests (not saliva which is less reliable) to test for HIV.  Instant (up to 20 minutes) tests for HIV are also available in some of our clinics.  HIV tests at 10 and 28 days post potential exposure are available at all our Nationwide clinics.

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