Getting tested for STIs is an important part of protecting your sexual health and it is recommended that anyone who is sexually active is tested at least once annually. However, visiting a GUM clinic can be daunting, especially if it your first time.  In contrast, Better2Know’s private clinics aim to make the experience of getting tested easy, prioritising your comfort and needs.

Here are few ways Better2Know stands out from other sexual health testing services:

Private and confidential

Better2Know respects your privacy. We do not require any paperwork or history and will not even ask for your real name. We assure your confidentiality and anonymity if you prefer to be discreet.

You choose the tests you want

With Better2Know, you will never be caught by surprise as you choose your tests in advance. We do not require any physical examinations before you have your tests, although we can arrange for you to speak to one of our doctors about any additional concerns you may have.

Rather not visit a clinic?

If you would rather not visit one of our private sexual health clinics, Better2Know offers a wide range of home testing solutions, allowing you to take your samples in the comfort of your own home. The samples will then be sent to one of our accredited laboratories for analysis.

Alternatively, our Everywhere service means we can send a highly trained sexual health nurse to a place of your choosing to collect the samples for your tests.

Quick and accurate results

With Better2Know your results will be available within one to five working days from when the laboratory receives your sample, depending on which test you choose, and in some selected clinics we can offer instant tests, giving you a result within 30 minutes while you wait. 

You can access your results via our secure online patient login area and will also contact you directly through a means of your choosing, to inform you when the results are in. If the results are positive, Better2Know can refer you to a doctor where they will discuss your options and arrange for you to get the treatment you need.

Speak to us in confidence

STI testing has never been easier with Better2Know, so find a sexual health clinic near you today.  If you would prefer not to attend a clinic, then we offer a number of additional testing options for your convenience. You can also use the phone number above to schedule an appointment or book online.

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