Manchester and the Zika Virus

After Zika was declared an ‘international emergency’ by the World Health Organisation, scientists at the University of Manchester were awarded £178,000 to develop a vaccine against the virus.
As Zika is not native to the UK, its emergence on these shores is strongly linked with travel to areas of high risk and according to the latest Government figures,  there have been 295 travel-associated cases reported in the UK, seven of which have been diagnosed in pregnant women.
This is extremely concerning given the link between a Zika infection in an expectant mother and the potentially serious birth defects to her unborn child.
So, as more and more Mancunians continue to travel to badly affected regions such as South America and the Caribbean, testing in the city has never been more important.

Zika Symptoms & Testing

Zika is mainly circulated by the Aedes mosquito but it can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. It is estimated that up to 80% of Zika virus infections go unnoticed but when symptoms do occur, they can take three to twelve days to develop and may include, but are not exclusive to; eye infections, joint or muscle pain, fever, and rash.
Better2Know has two testing options for Zika at six locations across Manchester.

  • Option one is appropriate seven days after potential exposure and requires a blood sample to look for Zika Antibodies including Immunoglobulin G (IgG) and Immunoglobulin M (IgM).
  •  Option two uses a urine sample to find evidence of the virus’ presence in the body. This is suitable less than 14 days from the onset of symptoms.

Testing Locations in Manchester

From Deansgate to Didsbury, you can receive testing at one of our six Manchester clinics, whilst our Everywhere service is in operation across the city. This allows a fully trained nurse to take a blood or urine sample at a suitable location of your choice.
All our sexual health tests are completely confidential and you will receive your results swiftly and accurately without even offering us your real name. Should your results come back as positive, we’re here to support you with help and advice.
To find out more about Zika, visit our webpage,  or contact our friendly booking team today on the number above, to arrange an appointment.
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