What does the tissue transglutaminase IgA antibody test for?

Tissue transglutaminase antibodies (TTAs) are a type of antibody that are produced in people who have a genetic predisposition to Coeliac disease. Coeliac disease is when your body views the proteins in gluten as 'foreign' which triggers an immune response, including the production of autoantibodies which attack the 'foreign' protein in gluten. As a result, people living with Coeliac disease have inflammation and the small intestine becomes damaged. Gluten can be found in wheat, barley, and rye, which are common in cereal-based products and are added to many other foods. If you have a relative with Coeliac disease, it is thought that you may have an increased risk of developing the condition. Symptoms for Coeliac disease include:

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhoea
  • Flatulence or excess wind
  • Unexplained weight loss.

The Better2Know TTA test can sensitively test and diagnose for Coeliac disease. It can be used alongside the gliadin test for a more accurate diagnosis.

Why should I consider a TTA IgA antibody test?

Have you experienced any of the symptoms above? Do you have a close blood relative with Coeliac disease? If so, then this Better2Know Tissue transglutaminase antibodies test may be for you, either alone or in conjunction with a gliadin test to help identify if you have Coeliac disease.

What is the Better2Know testing process?

At a Better2Know clinic of your choice, a blood sample will be taken from your arm. Once the blood sample has been taken, it will be sent to our fully certified, UK laboratory for testing.

How will I receive my test results?

We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time, your confidential results will be available within two working days from the sample arriving at our accredited laboratory. A member of our Patient Services team will contact you directly to notify you of your results or to inform you that you can access your results securely online on the Better2Know website at any time.

What happens if I need further help after my TTA IgA test results?

The Better2Know test will reveal whether TTAs are present in your blood. If the test reveals that they are, you should discuss your results with a GP, or we can arrange private doctor consultations using our network of skilled doctors or nutritionists across the UK. Your doctor will talk you through your results and advise you of the next steps. If the test suggests you may have Coeliac disease, you may be referred for further tests and/or be advised to take up a gluten-free diet.

Book your TTA IgA antibody test now

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