Better2Know works in partnership with accredited pathology laboratories to perform diagnostic testing for all our patients, as well as trusted clinics and service providers.

The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) have worked with Better2Know since 2008. TDL are one of the UK's leading laboratory diagnostic service providers. They have laboratories in London and Manchester, providing fast and accurate results around the clock.
Spire Healthcare provide Better2Know with pathology services. This means that they analyse your blood and urine samples in their state of the art laboratory in Manchester to provide fast and accurate results. Spire have been a Better2Know partner since 2011.
Better2Know has been a Google Accredited partner since 2017. Better2Know works with Google to provide the best results to your Google search queries.
SXT are on a mission to improve access to sexual and reproductive health care services and reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Their services also include emergency contraception and partner notification.
The Centre of Excellence for Sexual Health provides education training and information on STIs and HIV.
Led by elite professionals in the field of IVF for more than 25 years, CREA continue as a pioneering centre for reproductive medicine, dealing solely with assisted human reproduction. With a state-of-the-art embryology laboratory and use of the safest, most modern methods, CREA are leaders in fertilization success stories.