The contraceptive implant my not suit all women, and for many reasons, some women wish to have it removed. Better2Know now offer a fast implant removal service where our friendly qualified clinicians are able to do this for you.

What is it and how does it work?

The contraceptive implant is a small flexible plastic rod that is inserted under the skin of your upper arm. The implant works by releasing a hormone called progesterone which stops the release of an egg from the ovaries. It also works by thickening the mucus from the cervix making it difficult for the sperm to fertilise the egg. Implants can also work by stopping the fertilised egg from implanting in the uterus. The implant can work for up to three years.

Women prefer to have an implant fitted so they don’t need to worry about taking contraception every day.

The implant can be removed at any time of your menstrual cycle and your fertility will return to normal once it is removed.

The contraceptive implant does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections, so please make sure you are tested regularly. Please see our website for more details, or ask our friendly booking team.

What do you need to do before the implant is removed?

You should not have sexual intercourse 7 day before removing the implant if you do not wish to become pregnant. If you wish to have sexual intercourse then a barrier method should be used. There is a risk of you becoming pregnant once the implant is removed because the sperm can live for up to 7 days, and can fertilise the egg.

How is it removed?

The removal of an implant takes a few minutes. Our clinician will look for the implant in the arm and apply an antiseptic to the area where the implant is. Once located the clinician will use a sterile marker to mark the end of the implant closest to the elbow. This is where the incision will take place. An anaesthetic will then be injected into the arm at the site where the incision will be made. A small incision will be made, and the implant is gently pushed until the tip of the implant is visible. The implant is then removed with forceps. The clinician will then close the incision with a bandage.

Sometimes, the implant cannot be found under the skin so it may not be easy to remove it. If this happens, an ultrasound may be needed to locate the implant, and then it can be removed.

What do you need to do after the implant is removed?

You should be very careful not to get the bandage wet for 3 days.


This service is available at the following locations:

  • Edinburgh
  • London
  • Oxford
  • Rossendale

How do I book my appointment?

You can call our friendly booking team to book your appointment with one of our specialist clinicians, on the number above. They will advise you on what you need to do before the removal procedure and are here to help you.