Parasite infections – why should you test?

Parasitic infections can cause a wide range of symptoms and illnesses.  They can be picked up both at home and overseas, paricularly in tropical developing countries.

Parasites cover a wide range of organisms from worms, flukes, flatworms or any organism living off your body so that it can survive.  They can need strond doses of medicaiton to treat.

Better2Know's parasite infection testing includes:

Bilharzia Testing

  • What is it? A test to see whether you have Bilharzia
  • Why is that important? Bilharzia is a parasitis infections caused by an infection of worms usually found  in tropical lakes
  • What if you test positive? If you test positive we will help you to get the medicine medicine that you need to get well.

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How do I get tested?

To get tested, please contact Better2Know on the number above.