We have clinics all over London where you can get a herpes test.  Your Better2Know herpes test will tell you whether you have type 1 (usually oral herpes), type 2 (usually genital herpes), neither, or both.  We can help you to find our whether you have symptoms at the time of the test or not.

Most Londoners want to know whether or not they have herpes.  In this case we suggest our blood tests.  They need a small blood sample and results are back two days from when the sample is received in the laboratory.

If you want to know whether your current symptoms are due to a herpes infection, then we would suggest a swab of the symptom (if it is a blister) or a urine test (if it i irritation and burning or feeling run down).  These results take five working days from when your sample is received in our laboratory.  If these tests come back negative it means that you did not have an active herpes infection at the time of your test, it does not mean that you do not have herpes.

We have clinics across London that can test you for herpes.  This includes:

  • Harley Street
  • The City
  • Bank
  • Victoria Station
  • Wimpole Street
  • The Oval
  • Notting Hill
  • Canary Wharf
  • Southgate
  • Chislehurst
  • Harlesden
  • Wimbledon
  • Wandsworth
  • Northwood

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