Not detecting Trichomonas can lead to the following complications:

Complications are rare with trichomoniasis. However, the infection can sometimes weaken the barrier of mucus in the cervix (the neck of the womb). This mucus barrier helps to protect women from developing infection in their reproductive organs. If the mucus is weakened, this increases your risk of developing HIV. It is therefore very important that you practise safe sex by always using a condom.

Source: NHS Choices

Gaydos and her colleagues study involved 7,593 U.S. women between the ages of 18 and 89 from women in 28 states and it is believed to be the largest and most in-depth analysis of the STD ever performed in the United States, complementing periodic national surveys of adolescents and individual city reports.

The test samples were collected from women in private clinics, emergency departments, hospitals, jails and community health STD clinics between July 1 and Dec. 30, 2010. Researchers used the latest genetic assay, a test that is almost 100 percent foolproof in detecting trichomonas, instead of traditional testing methods, which are only accurate about half the time.

Test samples showed women 50 and older had the highest trichomonas infection rate (13%), while women in their 40s were next (11%). The infection rate was 8.5% in women ages 18 and 19, dropping slightly to 8.3% for women in their 20s.

Overall, the survey results showed that 8.7% of all women tested positive for the STD. Infection rates were highest among black women of all ages, at 20%, more than three times the rate in white women (5.7%).

Source: Charlotte Gaydos, M.S., Dr.P.H., Johns Hopkins University

It is clear from the above that complications are thankfully rare, but untreated, the NHS itself makes clear that Trichomoniasis can increase the risk of contracting HIV, a life threatening condition.

Although the associated risks may be small, the incidence of this infection is relatively high. Better2Know is offering this test within the Platinum Screen to provide those patients selecting the Platinum Screen to be confident they know their status and can take appropriate measures to ensure they are not exposed to these risks at all.

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