Based on the 2010 statistics, around 63% of people suffer from some form of sexually transmitted disease at any one time. Some people who are suffering from STDs prefer to administer self-medication being uncomfortable with the idea of seeking professional help because of the embarrassment associated with an examination. Some STDs are asymptomatic (no apparent symptoms) and the condition of the person who is infected has already worsened before they are properly diagnosed.

Many STD/HIV testing clinics are available in London. The clinics offer services that ensure strict confidentiality relating to a patient’s case. At some clinics patients who need to undergo certain tests need not give their real names. These clinics do not give an update or any report to a government database so the patients can really be assured of complete privacy. Clinics are located in many parts of London, they are usually well maintained and offer fast results for patients that present there.

At present STD and HIV testing clinics are available in Victoria, Paddington, Notting Hill, Peckham, Canary Wharf; Bank, Mansion House, the West End, Oxford Street, and Baker Street. There are several other clinics dotted around the capital.

It is advised that anyone who has unprotected sex with multiple partners should have regular STD tests (every 6 months), and anyone who has any symptoms or feels that they may have an infection should get tested straight away.

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