In a new survey of General Practitioners (GPs) in South East London, where more than 2 in 1,000 of the population is HIV+ (the highest in the UK), Family Doctors reveal why they do not routinely give their patients HIV tests:

  • 78% did not feel it was appropriate to test anyone who asked for one
  • 18% were not sure who should be tested
  • 13% didn’t know what they would do if the test was positive
  • 7% felt uncomfortable discussing the subject

In addition 58% still felt that pre-test counselling had to be provided (it doesn’t in the UK, where the recommendation is to test), and 45% said they didn’t know how to do an HIV Test.

Better2Know are experts in sexual health, and our doctors do know how to test patients, and how to help you in the event that you do test positive for HIV and any other STI or STD.  Better2Know has over 80 clinics across the UK so your nearest clinic won’t be far.  You do not need to give us a real name, and we won’t ask you for your doctor’s name, so they do not need to know you have had a test.

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