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Sexual Health Testing Clinics Leicester

Our STD Testing Clinics in Leicester

Our STI Testing Clinics in Leicester are open five days a week. You will be able to have a confidential and accurate STI and HIV test there. At your appointment you will see a nurse who will take your sample(s). They will then go to our accredited laboratory for quick and accurate analaysis.


Our Sexual Health Testing Service is also available in Leicester with our Everywhere Service. Your helpful nurse will take your samples and send them away for fast analysis.

Whichever service you choose, you will then have the opportunity to speak to a doctor if you would like once your results are ready.

Sexually Transmitted Infections are increasing across the UK. Frequently, if you have an infection, then you may not realise it, as there are no symptoms of outward signs of infection. You can be tested for all STIs, at a date and time that suits you. Our services are always 100% confidential.

Our clinics in and around Leicester:

Leicester (Oadby)

Gartree Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 2FF

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Leicester (Fosse Road North)

344 Fosse Road North, Leicester, LE3 5RR

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STI STD and HIV Tests in Leicester

Amongst the most common STIs in Leicester are Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. The infection rates of both of these are increasing. Some of the viral STIs are also increasing in frequency, including Herpes Simplex, (the cause of sores and blisters around the mouth and the genitals) .

Other infections to be aware of include Ureaplasma and Gardnerella, which are very common but can under certain circumstances lead to a condition called Bacterial Vaginosis. You should also be concerned about Trichomonas and Mycoplasma infections. These are very common STIs, but are rarely mentioned in the media. These bacterial infections can, if left untreated, lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) as serious condition that requires immediate medical attention and can also have a long term negative effect on both male and female fertility.

If you are considering getting tested for STIs, think about the full range of possible infections which can also include Hepatitis B and C. These viral infections can damage the liver and can cause long term harm

HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is passed on by sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal and less commonly orally). You can choose our Early Detection Screen for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C which allows you to get tested only 10 days after the date of possible exposure.

To book your appointment, either book on line using the tab above, or call our booking team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.