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STI Clinics Newport Pagnell

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Better2Know’s private STI clinic in Newport Pagnell provides a wide range of testing options for sexually transmitted infections. We can arrange your confidential and anonymous appointment for a time and date that suits your busy schedule.

Many people affected by sexually transmitted infections have few or no symptoms. If you experience any STI symptoms, they can include pain when urinating, unusual discharge, abnormal bleeding, any sores, ulcers, lesions, warts or blisters, or genital or anal discomfort that may consist of itching, redness or swelling.

Popular tests and screens available in Newport Pagnell:

Better2Know’s private STI testing services are performed in line with the highest international standards of quality and care. Our tests and screens are regularly reviewed to ensure you receive the most up-to-date testing available.

Appointment availability at our Newport Pagnell Better2Know clinics

Our private sexual health clinic in Newport Pagnell is open six days a week for your convenience, enabling you to organise your confidential STI testing around any pre-existing commitments.

Better2Know can also send a private nurse to a preferred address with our Everywhere service in Newport Pagnell. Your personal nurse will meet you to collect your samples before sending them to our CPA accredited laboratory for fast, accurate testing.

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Use the map of Newport Pagnell below to locate your nearest STI clinic. By clicking ‘View Details’, you can view the list of sexual health tests offered in each location and find out more about the private clinic.

Our clinics in and around Newport Pagnell :

Newport Pagnell

Queens Avenue, Newport Pagnell, Newport, MK16 8QT

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Do you need some help?

Better2Know’s experienced sexual health advisors will provide you with all the support and guidance you need. We will listen to your concerns, suggest the best STI testing option for you, and arrange your sexual health test in Newport Pagnell.

Untreated STIs can lead to further health complications including infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease or epididymitis. It is important to get tested regularly. If you are unsure which STI test or screen to select, your Better2Know advisor will be more than happy to advise you. Better2Know can help you access the treatment you need if you test positive for an STI.

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Better2Know’s sexual health advisors are on hand 24/7. You can anonymously message your queries using the live chat, or to speak to an experienced advisor, simply phone the number above.