Our skin is the largest single organ in our body and serves many functions including keeping us safe from infections, helping to keep us warm or cool, and providing sensations when we touch or are touched by something. When our skin suffers from a problem it can be the cause of intense irritation, discomfort and often pain.

Some individuals suffer from skin allergies which are brought on when foreign materials, insects, foods and plant materials come into contact with their skin and bring about an unwanted immune reaction.

Some people suffer from an immunological sensitivity to certain materials which their body interpret as potentially harmful. Their immune system will then mount a response in an effort to combat the perceived invader and this response can then give rise to symptoms associated with an allergic reaction. Skin eruptions including hives, rashes, red blotches, itchiness and swelling is often seen in individuals who suffer from allergies.

Better2Know offers a range of allergy tests including tests for skin allergies. If you suffer from any kind or skin allergy, irritation, swelling or eruption you should consider getting tested.

The most important thing to do if you suffer from an allergy is to get tested and find out what materials you are allergic to. Whilst there is no easy cure for allergies, knowing what brings on your symptoms will help you to avoid coming into contact with these materials. Better2Know offers a number of tests if you suffer from any kind of skin irritation:

These tests are appropriate if you have any redness, blotching, swelling, irritation, itchiness, hives or painful areas of skin. These tests can help determine the cause of these problems.

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