Breathing regularly is fundamentally important to sustaining life. Your breathing rate is one of the four vital signs (the others are heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure). Common breathing problems can include allergies, asthma and sinusitis.

Breathing problems typically arise when your airways react to materials in the air by swelling, becoming narrower and produce excess mucus. These factors all contribute to you being unable to draw in as much air as you need and thus absorb less oxygen than your body needs and remove less carbon dioxide than you need to.

In the UK there are 5.4 million people who suffer with Asthma, and 10% to 30% of adults and up to 40% of children suffer from Allergic Rhinitis. Every 10 seconds in the UK someone is having a life-threatening asthma attack. At least 12 million Britons now suffer from allergies caused by dust mites.

Symptoms of breathing and respiratory allergies include difficulty breathing, shallow breathing, tight chest, runny nose, cough, itch or watery eyes, nasal congestion and wheezing or congestion in the lungs. In severe cases when the person is not getting enough oxygen, the lips can turn blue and severe panic can overtake the individual. This can be life-threatening and immediate action should be taken by calling the emergency services.

Better2Know offers a comprehensive range of tests for Breathing and Respiratory allergies. If you suffer from asthma, rhinitis, congestion, sinusitis or any other problem with your breathing then you should consider having one of the tests listed below:

Please click on the links above to see which specific allergens are tested for in each of the profiles. Your breathing difficulties may be caused by exposure to one or more of the allergens we test for and knowing what triggers your allergy, asthma or breathing problems can help you to take appropriate measure to limit your exposure to these triggers.

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