Better2Know provides you with a private, alternative STD testing service to walk in GUM clinics and GUM clinic testing in the UK. Our service is suitable for people who want set appointment times and fast results.

Better2Know offers you:  

  • Reliable, accessible information on STDs and STIs on our website
  • The widest range of STD and STI tests, including early testing for HIV
  • Confidential and anonymous appointments
  • Highly trained, helpful 24/7 booking team who will answer your questions and help you to book your STD test appointment quickly at a time and place convenient for you
  • The largest network of clinics, doctors and nurses who will answer your questions, perform examinations and take samples
  • Accredited laboratories which are certified to the highest international standards and provide fast, accurate results
  • Your results communicated in an informed way, answering your queries, and fulfilling your treatment and referral needs.

Sexual Health Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions about STD & HIV testing. If you have any specific questions about getting tested for HIV with Better2Know, please contact us.

Where are your clinics? How do I make an appointment?

We have clinics around the UK, which you can see by clicking on our STD/STI Clinics. To make an appointment, simply call us or Book Online and someone will call you back shortly.

How do I know if I have an STD? What are the symptoms?

The only way to know for sure is to get tested! This is because many STDs either have no symptoms at all or have very common symptoms, which can be confused with other diseases. To learn more about the symptoms of specific STDs, including HIV, please click here.

When should I get tested?

STDs take a while before they can be detected through testing. The period of time between infection and when the disease can be detected with a test is known as a "window period" or an "incubation period". Different STDs have different incubation periods. For Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, you can be tested two weeks after any potential exposure. To learn more about HIV window periods, please go to HIV Testing. For more information on other STDs, please visit STD & STI Testing.

What is a Rapid Test? Do you offer it?

Better2Know has Rapid HIV tests in many of its clinics.  These tests give you an accurate results after just 20 minutes of waiting in the clinic and using just a small sample of blood taking from a prick in your finger. For more information on HIV testing, please click here.

I am really scared - Should I get the 10 day HIV test?

The 10 day HIV test can takes 3 days for the results from when the sample is received in the laboratory, so it is faster than waiting to take the 28 day test. While some people desperately want to get results, this test has drawbacks such as a higher rate of false positives (giving a positive result when in fact there is no HIV infection). If you choose this test, you are recommended to retest at 28 days post potential exposure.

How long does it take to get results?

Al results are available within 1-5 days of your sample being received the laboratory, depending on the test you choose.

Are my results confidential?

Yes. The results are 100% confidential and will be known only to you and the clinic. The results will not be shared with any third parties.