The diagnosis of HIV has increased dramatically from the time it was discovered in the 80s. Despite the increase in incidence, this is still far lesser than the actual number of people with HIV. This is for the reason that a lot of people fear to go for HIV testing even if they have a high risk of developing it. In fact, only 1% of the population in areas of HIV epidemic is tested. These leave other people with HIV still able to spread the disease because of not knowing that they are infected.

HIV is transmitted through sexual contact and exchange of body fluids of an infected person. HIV testing is performed by getting a sample of the venous blood. HIV tests involve the checking of HIV antigens and antibodies in the blood. Another test done is the CD4 T cells determination, which reveals a low CD4 T cells count as a result of immunosuppression.

Before, HIV tests could be slow and give results for a matter of days. In the advent of technology, there have been instant HIV testing techniques that are more convenient and cost-effective. However, more intensive diagnostic procedures such as the ELISA test and Western Blot test should still be performed in cases of a positive instant HIV testing to determine the extent of the disease and size of antigens.

Instant HIV tests include:

•Home Access Express HIV-1 Test

This is an FDA approved home HIV testing that involves the collection of blood sample through finger stick and sending the specimen through mail. The results are given via phone.


This is an HIV test that involves the collection of blood, oral fluid or plasma and testing for antibodies using a stick-like device. The results are available after 20 minutes.


This involves the use of mucosal samples from the gums and cheek and checking for antibodies using ELISA and western blot.

•INSTI HIV Rapid Antibody Test

This test is used in clinical laboratories that can provide HIV test results as fast as 60 seconds. It involves the use of the patient’s blood, plasma or serum.

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