Ureaplasma is a lesser known, but extremely common sexually transmitted infection. One of the smallest free-living organisms, Ureaplasma Urealyticum can be contracted through unprotected penile, vaginal, oral, or anal sexual contact. The bacterium can also be found in regular, healthy genital tracts, so a colony of Ureaplasma can overgrow and cause irritation without the occurrence of any risky or disingenuous behaviour.

Across the UK, Better2Know offers a comprehensive array of STI tests and screens, giving you complete peace of mind regarding a host of harmful infections, including Ureaplasma. Visit our testing pages to find out more.


Ureaplasma infections are often asymptomatic, particularly in the preliminary stages, highlighting the significance of regular testing. Symptoms, when present, affect both men and women, and can include dull aches and pains in the urinary tract or genitals, pain or burning upon urination, and the need to urinate more frequently.

The consequences of an untreated Ureaplasma infection can be severely detrimental to a person’s long-term health. The infection can result in female infertility, as well as increasing the risk of contracting other STIs, including HIV.



Better2Know’s fast and efficient Ureaplasma testing requires a single urine sample to detect infection, and the sample can be used to look for other STIs included in our screens. Bacterial infections like Ureaplasma can also be detected using a Female Swab test. Results are accessible online, or via a contact method of your preference, and will be available within five working days of your sample’s arrival at our laboratory.

Ureaplasma is curable and can be treated with a short course of antibiotics, though the bacterium may also clear by itself. You should ensure that your current and recent sexual partners are tested to avoid reinfection, and it is also advisable to refrain from sexual intercourse until your treatment has concluded.

Many of Better2Know’s diagnostic tests and screens require a minimum period of incubation, which is the length of time between potential exposure to an infection and when the test will accurately be able to detect it. Ureaplasma testing requires a window period of 14 days, so you should wait at least two weeks from an incident of concern before getting tested.


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