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STI Clinics Burton-on-Trent

Find a Burton-on-Trent sexual health clinic near you

Better2Know offers private sexual health testing and screenings in and around Burton-on-Trent. We offer flexible and confidential appointments on an anonymous basis, so you do not need to provide your name at any stage if you prefer. Our award-winning service speaks for itself, with clinics located across the UK, offering fast and confidential testing.

We use the latest tests and leading, certified laboratories for the fastest results and can help you access prescriptions for treatment and provide further advice as required.

Please see the map below to locate our clinics in Burton-on-Trent. Simply click on the 'View Details' option to see the full list of screens and tests on offer.

Our clinics in and around Burton-on-Trent:

Popular STI tests and screens available in Burton-on-Trent:

To see more about our screens and tests, simply select your chosen location on the map to view the full range.

Appointment availability in Burton-on-Trent

Burton is also served by our Everywhere service. Our private nurse will meet you at a location convenient for you to answer your questions, collect your samples, and send them away for fast and anonymous testing. You can choose your home, office, hotel or our nurse station, shown on the map below.

Do you need some help with STI testing in Burton-on-Trent?

You can choose the screens and tests that you want from Better2Know in Burton. If you are not sure which test to choose, then please speak to our sexual health advisors or choose our Full STI Screen, which tests for seven of the most important STIs. Whether you want testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, HIV and Hepatitis, Herpes or Syphilis, we have the appointments that you need.

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You can find extensive information on STIs and our testing services here on our website. Our team of sexual health advisors will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about our service. Please call us to find out more. We are available around the clock, 24/7, to help with bookings and to answer any queries.