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STI Clinics Nelson

Sexual health testing near you in Nelson

Better2Know’s award-winning private sexual health testing services are available in Nelson. You are in complete control of your sexual health with Better2Know; you choose which STIs to test for, what date and time is convenient for you and where you would like to go to provide your samples. All of our testing is confidential, and we do not need to know your real name.

Our accredited laboratory provides fast, accurate STI test results so you can have peace of mind regarding your status earlier. If you do test positive, then we can help you to access treatment, referrals and any counselling on the same day as you get your results.

To find out more about Better2Know’s private STI and HIV testing services in Nelson, please use the map of the city below. Select ‘View Details’ to read about each location and to see the list of sexual health tests available.

Our clinics in and around Nelson:

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Popular STI tests and screens available in Nelson:

Better2Know’s selection of sexual health screens and tests are designed with your STI testing needs in mind. You can expect to receive the most up-to-date test available as Better2Know’s medical specialists continually review and innovate our private services.

Appointment availability at our Nelson Better2Know clinics

Nelson is served by our Everywhere service. With this confidential STI testing alternative, you can get tested at an address you choose. This could be your home, your work, a local hotel, or our pre-approved nurse station in Nelson. We will send a private discreet nurse to meet you, answer your questions, collect your samples at the location you choose; your samples will then be sent to Better2Know’s laboratory on the same day.

Do you need some help with STD testing in Nelson?

Better2Know’s team of sexual health advisors are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with your STI-related concerns.

Your personal advisor will listen to your worries before suggesting appropriate STI testing options to target them. If you have any additional queries about Better2Know’s private sexual health testing services, you should speak to an expert advisor today.

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