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STI Clinics Rainham

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Better2Know’s private STD clinics in Rainham provide fast, accurate testing for a wide range of sexually transmitted infections. Our world-class service is completely confidential, and you are given the choice of anonymity if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Better2Know provides a variety of screens and tests that will give you peace of mind regarding your sexual health. Most STIs show little or no symptoms, especially in the early stages. So, it is important to receive extensive testing to ensure an untreated STI does not trigger further health problems. Having an STI test is the only way to find out if you carry an infection.

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Our clinics in and around Rainham:

Popular STI tests and screens available in Rainham:

Better2Know’s accredited laboratory conducts all our testing, using the most accurate and sophisticated analytical methods available so you receive fast, reliable results.

Appointment availability at our Rainham Better2Know clinics

Better2Know’s Rainham sexual health clinic offers same-day or next-day appointments five days a week, which means you can get tested at your earliest convenience.

We also offer the Everywhere service in Rainham. With this exclusive testing option, a private nurse will meet you at a time and location of your choice. This includes your home, work, a close friend or family member’s house or a local hotel. Your personal nurse will answer your questions, collect your samples and send them to our fully certified laboratory on the very same day.

Do you need some help with STI testing in Rainham?

Better2Know’s expert sexual health advisors will provide the guidance and support you need. They can help you select the most appropriate testing option for your personal needs and arrange appointments to suit your schedule.

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