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STI Clinics Wickford

Find a sexual health clinic in Wickford

STI and HIV testing is available throughout Wickford. Testing with us is completely confidential; fast and friendly. You do not need to give us your real name, and we do not share the details you give us with anyone, without your consent.

Better2Know offers various testing options for a wide range of STIs and HIV. Our choice of screens and tests are designed by medical specialists to give you peace of mind regarding your sexual health. Better2Know’s confidential services are regularly reviewed to provide the most efficient testing and accurate results. If you are unsure as to which screen or test to select, our trained sexual health advisors can help you choose the option that is best suited to your personal needs.

Popular tests and screens available in Wickford:

STIs are extremely common and infection rates are on the rise. Many STIs, such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma, can show no symptoms particularly if you are in the early stages of infection. These l STIs, if left untreated, can develop into serious conditions such as PID which is one of the leading causes of infertility. Knowing your sexual health status is important and if you test positive, we are here to help you to access the best treatment possible.

Our clinics in and around Wickford:

Appointment availability at our Wickford clinics

Wickford is served by our Everywhere service. This sexual health testing alternative is ideal if you would prefer to have a private nurse to come and meet you at your chosen  location. You will be asked to provide an address for your personal nurse when booking. Better2Know’s experienced nurse will collect the samples needed for your selected test and send them directly to our laboratory for testing.  

Test results

Your confidential STI results will be available within one to five working days after your sample has arrived at the laboratory. As soon as they are reported, your results will be uploaded to your patient area where you can view them at any time.

Through this secure online service, you can also access Better2Know’s STI factsheets and anonymous partner notification service. It is important to notify past, current or even future (depending on the STI you test positive for) sexual partners of your STI status so they can take care of their sexual health, as well as prevent further transmission. Better2Know’s dedicated Patient Services team will also contact you once all your results are ready to report.

If you are positive for a sexually transmitted infection, Better2Know can help you arrange a private doctor’s consultations so you can receive further advice, ask any questions about your diagnosis, as well as receive a prescription for medication needed.