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Sexual Health Testing Clinics Woking

STD Testing in Woking

Better2Know offers the widest range of Sexual Health tests with our respective clinic and Everywhere services in Woking. You can get tested at our private clinic or via our nurse service, where we will visit you at a time and location of your choice. Our service is flexible, discreet, and carried out in complete confidence. We will not ask you any embarrassing questions and you will not have to use your real name to get tested.

Once your samples have been collected they are sent to our CPA accredited laboratory for fast and accurate results. Results are reported confidentially by your chosen method of communication.

Our clinics in and around Woking:


Shores Road, Woking, GU21 4BY

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STI and HIV Testing Clinic in Woking

There are many sexually transmitted infections to be aware of, with some far more common than others. Better2Know offers the most comprehensive range of STI tests and screens within the UK. All our tests can be booked individually, as combinations, or as part of a screen of tests, which have been designed and reviewed by a panel of medical experts to match your needs.

Appointments with Better2Know can be made online, or by calling our experienced booking team. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.