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Sexual Health Testing Clinics Worcester

STI Testing in Worcester

Our private STI Test clinic in Worcester is open six days a week (Monday to Saturday) for your confidential and anonymous appointment. Please call our booking team to book at a time convenient for you. At your appointment you will see our friendly nurse who will take your samples and answer any questions that you have. Your sample will be sent to our accredited laboratory for fast and accurate testing. Your results will be reported to you when they are all back from the laboratory.

Our clinics in and around Worcester:


44 Droitwich Road, Worcester, WR3 7LH

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STI STD and HIV Testing in Worcester

Better2Know have a world class medical team who have put together our panel of screens and tests. Whatever your concerns, we will have the right test for you. All of our tests have a minimum period that you have to wait between any incident that you are concerned about and getting tested. This varies between 10 and 28 days depending on your choice. At 10 days we can test you for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Syphilis. You should wait two weeks for a Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea test.

To book your appointment, please call our booking team on the number above, or choose to book online.