Better2Know’s exclusive instant Herpes tests provide fast, accurate results on only two small drops of blood taken from the end of your finger. Available at selected private STI clinics across the UK, including in London, Manchester, Cardiff and Glasgow, your rapid Herpes results will be reported in around 10 minutes while you wait at our clinic.

Better2Know’s confidential and anonymous instant Herpes tests have a 14-day period of incubation. This is the time between potential exposure to Herpes and your appointment. Better2Know’s qualified clinician will run your Herpes test whilst you wait. If you have symptoms, then you can get tested straight away.

The Herpes Simplex Virus is highly infectious. There are two types: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is usually found around the mouth and lips where it often causes cold sores, blistering, or ulcers. Type 2 is usually found in the genital area, where it causes blisters or painful sores. The location of any Herpes lesion cannot diagnose the viral type. The only way of knowing which Herpes type you have is to get tested.

Better2Know has two Herpes instant tests. One for Type 1 and one for Type 2. You can choose whether to have one or both tests.


STI Type
  • Virus
  • Direct contact with a Herpes sore, blister or other lesion
  • Skin to skin contact 
  • Unprotected oral, anal or vaginal intercourse
  • Creams or medications to manage an outbreak
  • Complications in pregnancy
  • Feeling unwell during Herpes outbreaks
Sample needed
  • Blood
Incubation Period
  • 14 days
Results time
  • From 10 minutes
STI Screens with Instant Herpes
  • Can be included with any screen or test


Better2Know’s Instant Herpes Test

Better2Know’s private sexual health clinics in the UK provide instant testing for both types of the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Herpes is very common. Around 70% of people have type 1 and 15 to 20% of people have type 2.

When can I get tested?

If you have suspected Herpes symptoms, you can have the Better2Know instant Herpes test straight away.

If you do not have symptoms, you should wait for 14 days after any potential exposure to the Herpes virus. This incubation period is suggested so that your confidential results are accurate.

When will I receive my results?

Your Herpes results will be reported from 10 minutes after your blood sample has been collected. Your Better2Know clinician will give you a signed and completed Better2Know Rapid Test Results Report, detailing your Herpes test result.

How accurate is my instant Herpes test?

Your Better2Know instant Herpes test is highly accurate and sensitive. If you are worried about Herpes, or are experiencing symptoms that may suggest a Herpes infection, you should get tested as soon as possible. Better2Know’s private STI testing services in the UK are performed in line with the highest standards of quality and care.

What other STIs should I get tested for?

Better2Know’s confidential and accurate instant STI tests provide rapid results for seven sexually transmitted infections, including Herpes. You can also choose to get instant results for: HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Your Instant Herpes Testing Process

Better2Know’s expert sexual health advisors are highly trained to help you with your STI related concerns. Your Better2Know advisor can also suggest suitable sexual health tests or screens that will meet your personal requirements. Better2Know’s private STI testing services in the UK are performed in line with the highest standards of quality and care. Contact us in confidence with any questions and to arrange your private appointment in the UK.

Book Your Instant Herpes Test

Better2Know’s experienced sexual health advisors are available 24/7 to answer any questions regarding STIs or Better2Know’s private STI testing services in the UK. You can also arrange your confidential booking at any time using the orange button at the top of the page. We will email or text you confirmation of your appointment with where to go and details of what you will get tested for.

You will also receive your patient login details. Our patient area provides exclusive access to Better2Know’s STI factsheets and the anonymous partner notification service we offer, if you test positive. You can also view your appointment details, as well as a map and directions to Better2Know’s sexual health clinic.

Attending Better2Know’s Private Sexual Health Clinic

At your appointment, you will be seen by a Better2Know clinician. All you need to have is the name you have used for the booking (we do not need your real name) and your Better2Know PIN number. There are no dieting requirements.

Your clinician will answer any questions that you have, and explain how the test will work.

Sample Collection and Analysis

Your clinician will collect a small blood sample from you. This will normally be done with a lancet which will be used to prick your finger. They will add you blood to the testing cassette with two drops of buffer. There are three sections to Better2Know’s Herpes testing cassette where lines may appear, one of these is a control line which confirms the test has run correctly.

If there are three lines showing on the test cassette, then you have tested positive for Herpes IgM and IgG antibodies. If there are only two lines you have tested positive for either IgM or IgG antibodies, depending on which line has appeared. If there is only one line, this being the control line, then your instant Herpes test is negative for infection.

Herpes Diagnosis 

If you test positive for Herpes, you can discuss the results with your clinician or Better2Know’s sexual health advisors. We will help you to access any medication that you may need.

Herpes: Transmission, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Herpes Transmission

Herpes is most frequently passed on when a person comes into contact with an active sore or lesion on someone who already has the virus. The virus can be passed on by kissing, skin to skin contact, sexual contact and sexual intercourse.

Herpes can also be passed from person to person even when there are no visible blisters or lesions. Through a process called asymptomatic shedding an infected person can release viruses through their skin before showing any outward sign of infection. If their uninfected partner comes into contact with the virus, then they are at risk of contracting this infection.

Asymptomatic shedding is one of the reasons why Herpes infections are so common. The only way to know for sure is to get tested for both types of Herpes.

Herpes Symptoms

  • 1 in 4 people with Herpes has no/ mild symptoms
  • 2 in 4 people with Herpes have the occasional outbreak which can be treated, if needed, with over the counter remedies
  • 1 in 4 people with Herpes will have severe outbreaks and may need anti-viral medication

If you do experience symptoms, they may include:

  • Blisters
  • Sores 
  • Lesions
  • Tingling around the outbreak site
  • Burning sensation when urinating
  • Feeling unwell
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Loss of appetite

Symptoms can vary and last between 2 to 21 days. You will shed the virus whilst you have symptoms, and continue to, even after any blister or sore has completely healed. Herpes outbreaks can occur on a regular or irregular basis. They can be brought on by stress or another illness.

Many people find that over time outbreaks become less common and less severe.

Herpes Treatment

Herpes outbreaks can be treated with a variety of medications or creams. These will help control and manage the outbreaks when they occur. There are many remedies for Herpes Type 1 available over the counter. These will not cure your Herpes, but they may make any outbreak less severe and clear up faster.

If your outbreaks are severe, painful and are close together. Your doctor may prescribe you with antiviral medications. These will help to manage your outbreaks, decrease the severity and increase the time in between them.

Herpes is not curable, but treatment can help you to manage your outbreaks.

Herpes Consequences

More than half of the population has Herpes and continues to lead normal active lives. Using over the counter or prescribed medication, and following the prevention guidelines will help to keep you well.

The main health concern is having a Herpes outbreak in the genital area for the first time during pregnancy. If you are pregnant and have Herpes, then you should let your mid-wife or health practitioner know as soon as possible.

Herpes Prevention

To help prevent you from acquiring Herpes or passing it on to a new partner. There are some measures you can take:

  • Do not have sex if you feel an outbreak coming on
  • Avoid contact during a Herpes outbreak
  • Do not touch your sores
  • Use condoms and other barrier methods during sexual intercourse
  • Use medications to help alleviate your symptoms faster
  • Tell your partner that you have herpes to work together to minimise the risk of transmission

Book Your Private Instant Herpes Test

Arrange your private, confidential and anonymous instant Herpes test with Better2Know today by selecting the Book Now button below to book on line. If you have any additional questions, please phone Better2Know’s friendly sexual health advisors on the number listed above in confidence.