People across the UK are returning to work following the national lockdowns.  Whether this is full time of hybrid working, it is important to ensure that they feel safe and protected in the workplace. Better2Know provides a range of Covid-19 tests, suitable for employers looking to test employees and/or anyone who is regularly in contact with your organisation.

If you are restarting international travel, then our full range of antigen tests (PCR and lateral flow) for Covid 19 can help get your staff to and from their destination quickly and easily.

If you are looking to ensure a Covid-safe environment, or to find out how many of your staff or residents have had a past Covid-19 infection, we can arrange suitable testing for your organisation’s needs. We provide fast and accurate test results, reported securely online, with support available from our Patient Services team 24/7. All Better2Know tests are CE marked and performed in accredited UK laboratories.

Covid-19 Testing Options

  • Lateral Flow Antigen Testing - This test will accurately detect a current Covid-19 infection in 15 minutes using a nasal swab.
  • PCR Swab Testing - This test will accurately detect a current Covid-19 infection using a combined nasal/throat swab.
  • Antibody Testing – Find out more about the range of antibody tests we provide to check for a past Coronavirus infection.

Bespoke Corporate Testing

We are hear to help you to run your Corporate testing programme as efficiently as possible.  We can send kits to your employees homes on a regular or one-off basis.  We can also provide corporate accounts and billing and a service tailored to how you want it.  Please contact us on the number above to speak to our Business Development Team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How will the Covid-19 test kits be delivered?

All corporate orders will be sent out by Royal Mail tracked special delivery.

Can samples be sent directly to the laboratory?

Each test kit includes a postage-paid envelope to return the sample to the laboratory. If the test is very urgent, you may wish to use an alternative delivery service.

How quickly will Coronavirus results be available?

Once a sample arrives at the laboratory, the result will be ready within 24-48 hours. The results will be available in each patient’s secure online Patient Area.

Can I purchase extra test kits for use in the future?

Yes, we can provide as many bespoke tests as your organisation would like.

Is it possible to arrange a certificate to fly after a swab test has been processed?

Yes, providing that the test was taken within the required time frame stated by your airline and/ or destination.

Contact us today to arrange testing

To discuss your Covid-19 testing requirements, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.