Better2Know now provides four different antibody tests. An antibody test will tell you whether your immune system has produced antibodies in response to a previous Covid-19 infection.

Covid-19 IgG Antibody Nurse Sample Collection Kit

Available to order online, our Nurse Kit requires a venous blood sample to be collected by a qualified medical practitioner and sent to our laboratory for testing.


Covid-19 IgG IgM Quantitative Antibody Finger-Prick Test Kit

Testing for IgG and IgM antibodies, this quantitative finger-prick test will indicate the strength of your antibody response to Covid-19.


Covid-19 IgG Antibody Test at a Clinic

Available at our clinics throughout the UK, this venous blood test will detect IgG antibodies produced in response to Covid-19.


Covid-19 IgG IgM Instant Blood Test at a Clinic

This IgG IgM test is available at selected UK clinics and provides results within 10 minutes from a finger-prick blood sample. Click the button below to find out if we offer this Coronavirus test near you.


Coronavirus Antibody Testing FAQs:

What is an antibody test?

Antibodies are proteins which help to fight off infection and can protect us against future re-infection. By testing for antibodies, your result will indicate whether you have previously been infected with Covid-19 and produced antibodies in response.

When should I have a Coronavirus antibody test?

Covid-19 antibody tests are suitable at least 14 days after the onset of symptoms. If you currently have symptoms, you should opt for our PCR swab test which will detect an active Coronavirus infection.

Who should get a Covid-19 antibody test?

An antibody test is suitable for anyone who wants to know whether their immune system has produced antibodies in response to a past Covid-19 infection.

What does a positive Covid-19 antibody test mean?

A positive result indicates that you have previously been infected with Coronavirus and recovered. Your immune system has produced Covid-19 specific antibodies in response. However, you may still be able to pass the virus to others or become infected again. Researchers around the world are still investigating the link between antibodies and immunity, and why the virus affects individuals differently.

What does a negative Covid-19 antibody test mean?

A negative result indicates that your body has not produced Covid-19 specific antibodies. This may be because:

  • You have had Covid-19 and produced antibodies in response, but they are no longer detectable.
  • You have had Covid-19 but your body did not produce specific antibodies to fight the virus. Instead, other antibodies and immune system factors may have contributed towards your recovery.
  • You are currently infected with Covid-19 and your body has not yet started to produce antibodies.
  • You have never had Covid-19.

How do I book my Covid-19 antibody test?

To arrange your antibody test, simply book online or call our highly trained team who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.